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Apache OpenOffice

  • Developer: Apache Software Foundation
  • Genre: Office Suite
  • Version: 4.1.6
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Official information

Release Date 8 May 2012
Developer Apache Software Foundation
Publisher Apache Software Foundation
Genre Office Suite
Language English, Arabic, Danish, Dutch, Finnish, French, German, Greek, Indonesian, Italian, Japanese, Korean
System Windows, MacOS, Linux
Version 4.1.6


Apache OpenOffice - Versatile, Simple, Free

MS Office has been retaining laurels of the Number 1 Application for producing documents, presentations, paperwork etc.

But with the triumphant status, an impressive price-tag comes along as well. And many of us would rather prefer something that has basically the same array of options, but only costs cheaper or maybe even nothing.

Apache OpenOffice app is the perfect workhorse that will gladly serve you as a diligent MS Office substitute.

Bringing 2003 back

Apache OpenOffice is famous for its old-fashioned interface that sort of despises the ribbon layout the current MS Office has: OpenOffice mimics its older brother’s GUI from 2003. To some of the users accustomed to the newer software it may seem like a light issue, but in truth, it doesn't demand too much time to be mastered.

Apache's functionality rests on three central pillars:

  1. Writer

The clone of Word, which successfully mirrors its most essential functions.

With Writer you can:

  • Choose a font.

  • Use bold, italics, underlining etc.

  • Adjust the spacing.

  • Use the marker for highlighting.

  • Change the text color, size etc.

  • Set paragraphs.

And employ other tricks.

The writer isn't just a Word's shameless imitation though: it has a unique Autocompletion option. If you type a certain word at least a few times - let's say "kitty-cat" - Writer remembers that. The next time you're halfway there with "kitty..." it will suggest completing the word for you. Simply push Space/Enter to do that. Over the course of time, Writer will be well aware of your vocabulary preferences.

To guarantee easier collaboration, Writer supports Changes feature. When turned on, it highlights changed words/phrases with a color or strikethrough, so you can easily track changes done in the document that you're working on with a group of colleagues.

2. Calc

Twin-brother of Excel, which is handy for making spreadsheets. It has a good pile of chart clichés, such as good-old Column, Line, Doughnut, Bubble, Bar, Area charts etc. But newer types - Pareto, Sunburst, Box & Whisker - are sadly unavailable.

The most beguiling Calc's feature is its full format compatibility with the MS Excel, which means you can exchange the Calc file with your Excel collaborator and you can both open and edit each other's files.

3. Impress

PowerPoint's doppelganger, it will assist you in creating a picturesque presentation.

It has:

  • Slide Transitions.

  • Gallery.

  • Animation.

  • Styles & Formatting.

  • Master Pages etc.

The biggest drawback of Impress is that once in a while it messes up the presentation prepared in PowerPoint and vice versa, which naturally may hinder a collaborative process.

Extra features include diagrams, lines, animation - illustrating tools that will make your presentation look unique and memorable. But there's only one usable presentation template and just 28 artistic backgrounds.

What else is on the menu?

Additionally, Open Office has extra applications to offer:

1. Draw

The name speaks for itself. In Draw you can... well, draw and also use more valuable illustrating elements: cliparts, symbols, shapes both 2D and 3D, various backgrounds etc. Later those elements can be transported to your Impress-powered presentation, if necessary.

2. Math

it's not a smart calculator or homework app similar to Socratic. Math doesn't solve any math problems, but it can help you write down equations or formulas if you need those to illustrate your project with.

3. Base

Something similar to MS-Access, since it specializes in database management.

Tips & Tricks

A good Apache OpenOffice review must mention at least a few pragmatic tips:

1. Page Margins

In Writer page margins are automatically set at 0.79 inches mark. If your documents is expected to meet other formatting demands, choose: Page -> Page and set the new parameters.

2. Academic tools

University students, professors, researchers etc. may appreciate Writer for its broad spectrum of academic tools. It includes:

  • Headers.

  • Cross-references.

  • Footer.

  • Bibliography list.

One thing you need to know is that they can become a bit messy, if open in another program (like Word) and therefore extra polishing may be required afterword.

3. Insert vs. Overwrite.

Open Office has 2 helpful modes:

  • Insert - it allows you to cram some more text in, without erasing the already existing text that is positioned after the cursor.

  • Overwrite - it deletes and overwrites the previously written text.

To switch between those two modes, push Ins (Insert) key on your computer keyboard.

4. Word Count

To know how many words you've written already, select a fragment of your text click on Tools and then select Word Count.  The number of both the words and characters will be displayed.

To figure out their overall quantity in the entire project, click File -> Properties -> Statistics.

Is Apache OpenOffice worth it?

This versatile office package is absolutely worth its money ($0 at the moment), mostly due to its broad compatibility with the classic MS Office tools and also a profound number of features that other programs demand handsome money for.



Besides, if you're a nostalgic person, who doesn't favor ribbon layouts, The app will let you do a little time-traveling with its antique, but the laconic and charming interface, which has remained untouched since 2003. Apache OpenOffice download is a smart choice after all.


  • No native cloud storage support
  • Archaic interface
  • Some newer features are missing
  • Complicated collaboration


  • No price tag
  • A big package of office tools
  • Compatibility with MS Office
Gameplay controls