How to use Apache OpenOffice Draw The Draw is an advanced vector graphics editor. It goes with the Apache OpenOffice suite. The package includes connectors between figures, which are full-featured and helps to use a various number of line style, make drawings, etc. It is often compared to CorelDRAW editor. The main benefit of Draw is that it follows your work from the start and to the ready-made product. It provides wide specter of tools on the way and encourages you to create as many diagrams and graphics as you want. With the maximum size of the page 300 cm by 300 cm Draw becomes one of the best helpers in creating posters. Main Features and how to use Apache OpenOffice Draw Before you start the work with this editor, there is a recommendation to place all the tools you use around the screen, where you can see and pick them. The navigation is simple if you are familiar with any graphics editors. Otherwise, there is short instructions and explanation inside the program. Styles and Formatting section is there to help you with putting all the graphics styles closer to you. Choose the one you like and drag it to the main area of the screen. You can change the format of the object as much as you want. There is a 3D controller that allows you to create cubes, spheres, rings in no time. You can rotate objects in three dimensions. Manipulate them until you will receive the result you were looking for. You can arrange objects as well. Gather them in groups, regroup or ungroup. You are able to edit groups. Smart rendering helps you to create realistic images with own lighting effects, texture, perspective and transparency. Smart connectors were put into the Draw to help with creating organization charts and flowcharts, network diagrams and so on. Choose the tools of your preference to make connectors stick to the chart. This tool upgrades your diagrams and makes them more representative. There is also Dimension lines for your convenience. They can calculate linear dimensions automatically. While you are drawing, you see the online display of everything that is going on and calculate how lines can be changed to reach your goals. The Gallery keeps all the possible clipart you may need. There is a variety of different pictures and graphics models in it. You may create and add to the Gallery your own art. If you are wondering how to save the graphics you created, this is simple. Use OpenDocument format, which is the new standard of the office documents internationally. The format is XML based, which allows you to break ties with the Draw program. You don’t have to open the editor any time you want to see the graphics. Access the graphics from any software complaint with OpenDocument format. You can import graphics from all the popular formats, including JPEG, GIF, WMF, BMP, and so on. If you want to create Flash copy of the work, use another free feature from Draw. Don’t forget to make sure that the .swf format is supported by other devices you will use later. The benefits of the Draw The program works fast and does not take too much space. The navigation is intuitive and easy. Many users prefer to use Draw instead of Photoshop if they need to create figures. If you already use OpenOffice pack, graphics and diagrams will be transferred to Impress or Writer programs in a few simple moves. As it is multiplatform, Draw is really useful to all workers who gather information in charts and graphics. Many Universities and schools have already found Draw really helpful. Gaps There are no significant gaps in the Draw. While the design of it looks like something that came from Windows 98, and similar to Paint, there are much more useful tools and an advanced menu that contains everything you may need. The simplicity of design makes the work faster. The program does not have any other use besides the creation of figures and drawings. You may use it to make different things, like logos, placards, presentations. The only limit is your imagination. If you want to make editions in PDF documents, you will have a problem. Use the third party plug-in for this case. However, it may consume more free memory and make the work of program slower. The Apache OpenOffice Draw is the part of the suite, free to use, with simple design and multiple features to help in building charts and creating graphics. The editor was made to help both experienced specialists and newcomers. It makes the work with diagrams and graphics much easier and it does not require advanced skills from anyone.   Continue Reading Apache OpenOffice review Apache OpenOffice is a set of tools with open code that helps businesses, companies, and private clients in working with collected information, writing projects, organizing daily task routine. It was made the increase the productivity and ease the working process. This is a package of smoothly running tools that perfectly interact with each other, according to apache openoffice review. Apache offers users to exchange the data between different programs with a spell checker that is common for them. And word processing app can help businessman to write down brilliant ideas making it looks better. It also gathers information from a variety of sources with the help of a spreadsheet app. There is basically everything to make an outstanding presentation, share your thoughts on the meeting and strengthen it with persuasive diagrams and charts. Useful tools of Apache OpenOffice The Writer app is considered to be the No 1 in the list of tools offered by Apache. It checks the spelling, gives ideas on how to write letters, books, regular documents for work, agendas, and so on. The app has multiple features that can be used to format the text in the document and change its style according to the task. If you run out of words, the app can suggest how to continue the sentence, which expression to use, how to make the phrase better and stronger. This app corrects misspelled words automatically. It helps to generate tables and graphics. It works with pictures and bio references as well. There are useful features that help to export docs in MediaWiki, HTML, PDF. Spreadsheet app is extremely easy to learn. There is an app that is called Calc which helps to navigate spreadsheets inside the suite. Data miners, economists, and everyone who works with numbers will find this app really helpful. Besides that, the app collects information from corporate databases, organizes it, and converts into anything you needed. Calc app works with formulas through the use of simple words. To analyze the data, you’ll have to use the Scenario Manager. It creates numerous “what-if” scenarios helping to forecast an outcome. Calc spreadsheets can be shared with colleagues. Multimedia Presentations can reach the whole new level of awesomeness. If you want to impress everyone with the information you have, create a professional presentation. The suite supports 2D and 3D art, provides animation and special effects for this matter. Impress app has diagram and drawing tools which can run on a single screen. Impress offers different types of presentations. You can show slides, notes stuffed with pictures and calculations or combine everything in one masterpiece. Diagrams and Drawings is another way to communicate with Apache OpenOffice. Draw tool was made to build general and technical posters, sketches, plans, diagrams. The app allows changing objects on the picture or diagramming as much as you need it. Try three dimensions to show your plant at the meeting. There are all kinds of charts you can imagine and even more. The database system of management is well organized and ready to work. Users can save the data, store it and get quick access to it from any device. Database HSQL engine is designed to make personal use advanced. This engine helps to use personal assets in work. Math app helps to simplify the creation of the mathematical formulas and equations. No matter what equations were made, it can be inserted right into every app from Apache OpenOffice pack. It is possible to add formulas into a text document or to change equations with the help of the app. Apache OpenOffice app was designed with a thought about working people, offices and companies that are relying on data. This set of tools that can easily interact with each other, helps to write letters, make presentations, calculations, reports on the highest professional level. It is stuffed with diagrams, 3D animation, examples of official letters and equations. All you have to do to enjoy this suite of advanced apps is to download it.   Continue Reading