Apache OpenOffice for business use

Apache OpenOffice for business use

OpenOffice is a free pack of software designed by The Apache Software Foundation to raise the productivity in the office. It contains numerous apps for creating presentations, calculating, writing letters, reports and even books. All the apps in OpenOffice interact with each other and are accessible from any device. Besides that, OpenOffice offers a huge database of graphics, already made animation, formulas and set of phrases for business letters.

Inside the Apache OpenOffice suite

While it is a completely free pack of software, it does not mean that it is unpopular, broken somehow or worse than any other similar offers. On the contrary, Apache OpenOffice helps prosperous companies and businessmen to be even more prosperous. Besides that, this suite can be used almost in every part of the world, as it is translated in many foreign languages and work with Linux, Windows, Mac.

There are four key applications which can compete with Excel, Access, PowerPoint, and Word. They are - Impress, Base, Writer, and Calc. Their names represent the main field of work of each app. All four of them can be used together or separately.

While OpenOffice is free, you can combine it with expensive tools, popular in the market. There is a chance that you may want to work only with this suite after all. A paid tool does not mean the best one.

Benefits of Apache OpenOffice for Business

The developers of this apps’ package say that it was a result of two decades of software engineering. Since it was released over several hundreds of millions of people have downloaded OpenOffice for use. It is an achievement of modern tech thought in combination with business development.

This creation offers its master skills that can be implemented in almost every branch at the market. And there are no problems with license or cost. The interface is user-friendly and easy to navigate. The set of features is already familiar to those who use its pricey competitors' programs. Well-developed and unique skills offered by the OpenOffice made many big companies change their minds about abilities of a free pack of programs.

Apache OpenOffice for business continues to expand the list of its users. According to the latest statistics it is widely used by:

  • Schools and Universities

  • Government

  • Nonprofits

  • Businesses

  • IT organizations

  • Advocates

Is it good for small business?

When Apache OpenOffice first appeared it was used mainly by big companies willing to try something new and free. However, with its success in the market, owners of small businesses began to pay attention to suite’s offers. Now, this set of tools can be found on the laptop of small grocery store, café or book shop owners, no matter if it is run single-handedly or with multiple numbers of assistants.

Why did they decide to use this set of programs? Well, for starters it is completely free, which can be crucial for small business. It is helpful with complicated calculations, all the data keeping, and correspondence. It is easy in use and guarantees safety. So you can make your calculations, build plans, write ideas, speeches, letters to clients or possible investors with the help of this suite. It will check and double check the data you put there to make sure that you have not done any errors or double typing information.

IT sphere is still expensive for many small businesses. And while OpenOffice is free, all the data comes in a format that is approved by the International Organization for Standardization. This is also the first package of software that meets the standard. The main problem of OpenOffice, for now, is that there is no Cloud storage, like Google Docs Office and Microsoft Office have.

Reasons to choose Apache OpenOffice

Any OpenOffice review will say that there are much more advantages in the suite than its cost and accessibility on almost all modern devices. It is really easy to understand and learn everything. Unlike many of its competitors, it does not require to read manual to get the whole idea. If you are using some other office packages, you can start working with Apache in no time.

Apache OpenOffice was released under a special license that allows businesses to use it in educational, domestic, commercial and other purposes. You can use it at home, share with friends, or implement it in your office. It does not take time to learn basics.

Since it has an open source code, IT professionals can customize it as much as you like. Think about what your business needs and improve the program. You can just change the code and create something completely new for work.

Apache OpenOffice is the suite of reliable and working apps for business. It works for big companies and small grocery shops, being a reliable and free assistant. Improve the programs as much as you like and increase your income.