Comprehensive Apache OpenOffice Tips: Discover Hints and Tips for Spreadsheet

Comprehensive Apache OpenOffice Tips: Discover Hints and Tips for Spreadsheet

Do you find it hard to handle complex writing tasks? If yes, you need to start considering the use of Apache OpenOffice and discover its number of benefits.

But before we dive into significant tips on how to use the Apache OpenOffice, let us get to know more about this software and why Apache OpenOffice gives you an advantage when writing.


Apache OpenOffice is a free, open-source suite of productivity tools used to manage different writing projects, collect and manipulate important data, and streamline document management tasks in a more efficient manage.

Using Apache OpenOffice, you have the ability to identify the tool or app used for creating a specific file and help you open a file from anywhere and then, launch an app that created it in an instant. The software make it easier for you to transfer data between its tools. It has a common spell checker with various options.

Apache OpenOffice shares a work processing app that can help you focus on writing while ensuring that documents and contents look great. It is also known for its spreadsheet app that is effective at pulling in data from different sources. Thus, the tool is equipped with a tool that can help you create and edit formulas and mathematical equations for text documents.


Apache OpenOffice is considered as a modern word processing app which helps you simplify writing of documents, including letters, agendas, faxes, or books. Below are some of the reasons why Apache OpenOffice is a perfect tool for your writing needs.

  • Easy to Learn

Apache OpenOffice has a tool aid called Calc which can help you manage your spreadsheets. Once this tool collect the necessary data from a database, it will cross-tabulate, summarize, and covert the data into a significant pieces of information.

  • Creative Multimedia Presentations

Apache OpenOffice shares a dedicated tool for creating multimedia presentation materials and then, enhance them with 2D or 3D animations, clip arts, and special tools.

  • Complete Database Management System Features

The tool allows you to store information and data while accessing them quickly. The database management system supports multi-user database engines like MS Access, Adabas D, MySQL, and PostgreSQL.

  • Communicates Well with Drawings and Diagrams

The source suite is designed for creating general and technical posters. Using this tool, it becomes easier for you to sketch plans, diagrams, or even business processes.

After discovering some hints of the benefits of Apache OpenOffice, you can take a look at its pros and cons.



  • Free and fully functional

  • User-friendly

  • Flexible with straightforward user interface

  • Handles variety of file types

  • Occasionally act glitchy


With the help of Apache OpenOffice, you have a chance to produce variety of documents effortlessly and help you solve even the most complex writing tasks. The tool also has formatting and style features used for customizing the appearance and content of the document.

To help you effectively use the tool, here are some valuable tips like Apache OpenOffice how to know my find box, how to put down on a resume Apache OpenOffice, and more.

  • How to Know My Find Box

In a normal view, click the Text icon on the Drawing toolbar. In the event that the toolbar containing the text icons isn’t visible, choose the View > Toolbars > Drawing. To continue using the text box, click and drag to draw the box for the text you can find on the slide. Then, release the mouse button and the cursor will appear in the text box. Lastly, click outside the text box son that you can deselect it.

  • How to Create a Database in Apache OpenOffice Spreadsheet

If you still do not have a database, then you have nothing to worry since it is easy on how to create a database in Apache OpenOffice Spreadsheet. First, you need to click the arrow that is next to the New icon. Select the Database from the drop-down menu which will open the Database Wizard. Then, you will be provided with questions with corresponding questions. Make sure that the choices are selected and then, click Finish. You can save the database under the name Automobile.

  • How to Put Down on a Resume

You can start by clicking the OpenOffice Shortcut and select File, click New, and then, click Templates and Documents. Choose a template will match your information before clicking Open.  After adjusting the template settings and putting down your information, select File and click Save. Lastly, name the file and then, click Save.

  • How to Text File in Apache OpenOffice

If you want to know on how to text file in Apache OpenOffice, simply choose File > Open or you can click the Open File icon which you can find in the Standard Toolbar. You can also press Control + O to make it faster. When the Open dialog appears, you have a chance to reduce the file lists by selecting the particular file type you are looking for. If you choose the Text documents, you will see the documents which Writer can open while choosing the Spreadsheets, you will see .xsl, ods., and other types of file. Then, select a file and click Open. You can also see the File formats for OpenDocument file extensions.

  • How do I Get Apache OpenOffice to Print Larger than 96 pts

To print your desired size of document or spreadsheet, it is best to preview the print output before adjusting the print settings. First, go to your chosen sheet and click and drag to select the particular sheet to be printed. In the main menu, select Format > Print Ranges > Add.


Accomplishing a writing task can be challenging, time-consuming, or frustrating, especially if you do not have the right tool. Apache OpenOffice offers complete features to manage and create different writing jobs. Being one of the superb tools, people can rely to its ability for simplifying the writing of documents and make each more effective and meaningful.

Do you have any experience using Apache OpenOffice, let us know and get in touch.