How to send attachments from Apache OpenOffice

If you are new to the OpenOffice and don’t often create documents in general, you may have the problem with sending attachments from it. Still, there is nothing really mysterious and hard behind the process. You can choose several options that are offered, using this quick guide on how to send attachments from Apache OpenOffice.

You may send e-mail attachment using OpenOffice using 1 of these three proposed formats:

  • OpenDocument – the default format

  • PDF

  • Formats of Microsoft Office

How to send attachments from Apache OpenOffice

There are few quick steps you need to make if you want to send attachment in the format of Open Document:

Open it, choose File then Send, then Documents as Email. The OO website opens the program in Tools-Options-Internet-Email. Documents are sent attached to the letter.

Using your favorite email program, just enter the name of recipient you want to send the message to, fill the subject field and add the text if you want to, now you can send email.

If you want to simplify the whole process just pick File, than Send, and Email as OpenDocument Text. You can choose a presentation or spreadsheet, if you need. Now relax and wait for the response.

Once you decided to send the attachment through one of the formats of Microsoft whether it is Excel, Word or Powerpoint follow this easy instruction:

  • Pick the format you need

  • OpenOffice will create the file in the format and open the email program

  • The attached file will already be in it. So you don’t actually need to do anything

As for PDF, OpenOffice will create PED using the settings of the format, as in the Export Directly as PDF button and open the email program you are using. The attachment will already be in it. The file is automatically transformed in PDF.

Sending attached documents to numerous recipients

There is no limit to the number of recipients you can choose to send an attachment. If you want to send the same email with a document to not just one but several users, you can use a special feature in your email system. Another way is to use OpenOffice mail merge options to extract addresses of your recipients from the address book.

There are two different ways on how to use mail merge of OpenOffice:

  • Do you know the simple in navigation program Mail Merge Wizard? You may want to use it in order to create the document which you will later send. Follow instructions once you are there

  • There is always a Writer program from OpenOffice, so you wouldn’t have to use Wizard. Create your document there. You will easily send the letter with documents to anyone.

How to use Mail Merge Wizard after you created a document in Writer:

  • Pick Tools and go to Mail Merge Wizard. There will be Wizard’s first page opened in front of you. Follow the instructions, select the option Use the current document. After you pick this variant, the button Next will be revealed. Click it.

  • The second page will appear, offering you to pick the type of document. Choose Email message. Click button Next.

  • There will be the third page that will offer you to select the address list. Click it. The new window will appear offering to select the list. Even if there is only one that is shown, select the required one and click the button OK. If you don’t see the list that you want to be reflected on the page, pick Add option so you can go and find for the list with addresses. There is a short instruction above the table.

  • Once you picked everything you wanted, come back to the list page with Select address and choose Next.

  • You will be transferred to the option that is called Create Salutation. Here you will need to deselect the checkbox in the offer called This document should contain a salutation. You don’t need it.

  • Now go to step 8 which is called Save, print or send. It is located into the left hand list on your screen. OpenOffice shows Creating Documents message and after that goes to Save, print or send a page of the Mail Merge Wizard.

  • Pick Send merged document as Email in the right hand list. With this option picked, the lower part of the page will be changed and you will see standard choices of email settings.

  • Start with the typing the Subject you want to be revealed in the letter you are sending. Check it. Now click Send documents. Watch how fast OpenOffice will send emails.

The OpenOffice Apache suite was produced to make the life of busy people less busy. It helps with creating documents, adding charts and graphics there, calculate finances, write texts and much more. It took care that the process of sending already made documents was easy and fast. All you need is to follow instructions mentioned above or just go to the program directly and use hints revealed on the screen.