Download and Install Apache OpenOffice on macOS


Download and Install Apache OpenOffice on macOS

  • Developer: Apache Software Foundation
  • Genre: Office Suite
  • Version: 4.1.6
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Popularly known as AOO, Apache OpenOffice is an open-source office productivity software package that has been developed from the modifications on IBM Lotus Symphony. The software package consists of a word processor, spreadsheet, presentation, drawing, formula editor and database management applications that are very useful for some business activities of a company. Having been developed primarily for Linux, Microsoft Windows, and macOS operating systems, this suite is now under progress for compatibility to the other operating systems also. The following are the basic system requirements for the three primary OS: -​

  • macOS - OS of version 10.4 or higher, Intel processor, RAM above 512 MB, 400 MB free space in the disc, screen resolution same as that of other two OS

With such a good software package, it is highly imperative of the importance of the different applications, and thus the article discusses more on the steps of downloading and installation of the same.

How to download apache open office for Mac OS?

Mac OS does not have much free software in general and it can cost a lot to get a good office suite that works in Mac OS. Apache office suite is a free to use open-source complete office pack that works in various versions of Mac OS. The latest version of the application suite does not have support for OS X 10.6 and below. For the versions of OS X above 10.6, the latest version of the office pack is supported. The download file for the full installation is 163 MB and the file for the language pack is 17 MB. Select the version of the application suite from the download link and click download.

How to install apache open office for Mac OS?

The installation process is almost the same as in Windows, the application installation wizard installs the office suite in system memory. The Apache office suite version should be installed based on the version of OS X used in the system. In case of a full installation, the dictionary and the extension packs are installed automatically. While not selecting a full install, the user has to install the language packs separately when required.